SEAN MILLER, Founder/Director of JEMA

Sean Miller on a museum dust collecting mission at the Guggenheim in NYC.


Sean Miller is an internationally exhibiting, Florida-based artist, curator, and an Assistant Professor at University of Florida. Miller is a founding member of SOIL, a fifteen year-old Seattle gallery/collective in Seattle, Washington and the Founder/Director of the John Erickson Museum of Art (JEMA). Miller’s work explores situations, practices, and information that sustain and define existing power structures in contemporary art and politics. Miller employs obsessive activities, absurd scenarios, humor, and extreme aesthetics, in order to introduce objects and events that question existing categorical and organizational methods within these hierarchal structures. When not busy with JEMA activities, Sean Miller collects, catalogues and photographs art museum dust from museums around the world. Miller recently announced that upon his death he will be cremated and his ashes will be covertly released into major art museums worldwide.

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JAY BRYANT, Designer and Webmaster for JEMA

Jay Bryant


Jay Bryant is a Seattle-based artist and designer that still thinks he can figure out what it‘s all about.

When not sitting at his computer, he‘s usually thinking about sitting at it.


ROY DEL CASTILLO, Designer and Webmaster for JEMA (East Coast)

Roy del Castillo


As an Undergraduate, Roy studied under Sean Miller and Bethany Taylor in the University of Florida's Workshop for Art Research and Practice (WARP). In 2004, he participated in the now defunct STANCE Site Analysis Collective (web: as an imagineer and web[apprenctice].


LULU LOLO, Art Museum Dust Collecting Specialist



LULU LOLO is a New York based performance artist. In 2007, LuLu joined JEMA as the official Art Museum Dust Collecting Specialist. She regularly visits art museums equipped with white gloves, brushes, tweezers, magnifying visor, and attired in her white lab coat emblazoned with names of the cities where, in fearless pursuit of the elusive—she travels internationally collecting the latest (and finest) art museum dust. She has collected dust in: New York City (12 museums); Genoa, Italy (6 major museums); Paris, France (over 20 museums); and the town of Campagna, Italy which she celebrated as a work of art. The dust is filed, photographed, compared, and added to the ever-expanding Art Museum Dust Collection—founded in 1996 and maintained by Director Sean Miller. LuLu is also a multi-disciplinary artist and a playwright/actor. LuLu has written and performed six one-person plays Off-Broadway.


JOHN F. KIELTYKA, Chief of Security for JEMA

John F. Kieltyka


John F. Kieltyka of Verkstad Security Systems was recently hired as Chief of Security for JEMA. Kieltyka has years of experience and training doing perimeter walks around museums. He is a Seattle-based artist, musician, and pedestrian.


DANIEL STEPP, Assistant Chief of Security for JEMA

Daniel Stepp


Daniel Stepp is an artist and musician based in Gainesville, Florida. Stepp regularly provides security for JEMA and has assisted JEMA in Miami, New York City, and Baltimore. Stepp is a consumate multi-tasker. He regularly assists JEMA with guarding, greeting patrons, political commentary, vocals, counting viewers, and assisting with crowd control.