Ways of Seeing Inside Out
February, 2004


Anderson is represented by Fay Gold Gallery in Atlanta and Bettcher Gallery in Miami, Florida. In 2003 her work was featured on the cover of New American Paintings-MFA National as well as in Architectural Digest.

Selected Exhibitions include:
Bettcher Gallery, Solo exhibition, 2003, Miami, Florida
Fay Gold Gallery, Group exhibition, 2003, Atlanta, Georgia
Carroll College, Two-person exhibition, 2003, Waukesha, Wisconsin
Vero Beach Museum of Art, Group exhibition, 2003, Vero Beach, Florida



My own paintings are inspired by light leaks, blurs, dust, and burns and the overall decay of old super 8 film, which explore the spaces between resolution and disintegration. I am interested in the entropic quality of old family photographs and home movies, which to me represent shifting perspectives and simultaneously conveys a sense of change corresponding to different cultural needs and beliefs of the present.

Similarly miniature paintings of vintage stills of critics become part of an exchange, between old and new. Borrowed from dated stills these miniature paintings represent neither the past nor the present but an awareness of the space between. The critics chosen for this exhibit represent iconic figures frequently discussed in artistic discourse. Because of their cultural familiarity, each viewer brings to the work a previously formed relationship with the subject that I hope in some way is affected by the scale and material of the work. The shift in scale offered by JEMA’s unique installation format allows for an exploration of public and private aura and the intimate and monumental.

Kim Anderson

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