Pink Flag
December, 2005


For this exhibition Buisch "performed" 21 individual 1.25" oil paintings in direct response to each of the 21 songs on Pink Flag. The paintings are installed sequentially on each wall (left to right and top to bottom) side A and B. Buisch writes, "Each piece is painted in direct relation to each song. They do not attempt literal translations, but function as triggers or poetic abstract responses..."

Selected Exhibitions include:
Bewilderness, Red Rocket Gallery, Solo exhibition, 2003, Chicago, IL
Ex-Lion Tamer, Bower Gallery, Solo Exhibition, 2002, San Antonio, TX
Pretty and Smells Good, Corcoran Gallery, Group Exhibition, 2005, Washington D.C.
Cultural Transport/Moving Targets Project, 2005, Berlin, Germany/ Poznan, Poland

In 2000 Buisch received a Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant and in 1995 he was granted a residency with the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Skowhegan, ME.



I focus on abstract painting informed by ordinary, everyday visual information. Ten years of painting abstractly provided me with a fertile working territory. The major concentration of this body of work is the development of an idiosyncratic visual language. My original fascination with ideograms transitioned into a more automatic, abstract painting vocabulary. These paintings involve the investigation of three specific properties: drawing, structure, and color. Inspirations for these works come from a variety of pedestrian sources, such as roadside signs, strip malls, graffiti, tattoos, and product symbol design. These paintings are distilled chaos riddled with small incidences of uneasy hilarity which create a rigorous abstraction that is simultaneously evocative and elusive.

Derrick Buisch

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