Limited Space and Creative Living Are Compatible
When a Room Works Double Duty

October, 2004


Cinotto, based in Tacoma, Washington, is a co-founder of Soil, a gallery and artist collective in Seattle, Washington. She has curated exhibitions such as Dead (1996), Play/Things (2000), and Rosy (2000). Cinotto’s selected solo exhibitions include Bird-Lore (2001) at the King County Art Gallery, and Some Facts In Nature (2002), the Woolworth Windows, Tacoma Washington. Cinotto collaborated with Eileen Ward for From the Ground Up (an outdoor sculpture exhibition - 2002), Duvall, Washington.



a basket of unfinished knitting at a death bed
seek craft projects in thrift stores
flowers in their many forms... in my life.
re-arrange furniture... re-arrange furniture...
sew throw pillows...
shrinky dink-ing...
make tiaras for the cat out of pipecleaners....
live a full, creative life but do not make art
frame small pictures of small chairs
sew roses on the wall
teeny, tiny, knitted slippers
balls of yarn piled in corner

Laurie Cinotto

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