Garber's Artist Statement


desire - loss

loss - existence

existence - moments

moments - memory

memory - longing

longing - desire

My drawings utilize an economy of means and delineation. Through drawing out, shaping, speculating, and organizing line and color, I create an emotive symbolism. I am interested in presenting ideas of separation, constraints and restrictions, migration, chance, and ultimately loss. I hope to suggest the constant negotiation between the intuitive and the physical manifestation of thought and desire. At times the line appears to hover just above the planar surface in the drawings. At other times, the value and intensity of color optically dislocate the image from the ground altogether. It is ultimately these interaction/intricacies which suggest wanting.

Drawings are created in two parts:

layer 1. surface as phenomenon/chance

texture, depth and materiality grounded in present/real

layer 2. mark/line- manipulation/transience

visual tempos using lightness composed of intensities of intricacies,
permeated by repetition, subtle variations, and nuances

Lauren Garber

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