Artist’s Statement

In 1998 I visited Sean (Miller) and Bethany's spacious apartment in the Diller Hotel, which is across the street from the Seattle Art Museum in Downtown Seattle. I was struck by the spaciousness and raw beauty of the space. When they decided to move out of town, Sean gave me a call. Linda and I moved in a few months before the WTO protests in 1999. The following 3 1/2 years have been in one way the strangest in my life, trying to live and survive while maintaining a creative lifestyle. The main aspect of this space that has affected my life as an artist, is that the large working studio is attached to our living space in this apartment. This has been both a great gift as well as a place of frustration where I could not escape my work.

During periods between shows or projects, I would (and still) compulsively create in the form of painting/collage-ing/drawing, assembling electronics and making recordings. This space has been useful as an art studio, a shop, a space to try out larger mock ups for installations.. When I had a chance I would take pictures of these organic build ups of creative energy, a self portrait of sorts. Many times I would spontaneously create assemblages from equipment I had purchased (to perform with or resell at the local flea market), photograph them; before they moved away or were disassembled. Interspersed with these images are shots from my computer studio/office, which has been recently taking a larger part of my creative time. I use my iMac as most people who own computers, communicating and finding information, and in my case in particular I can spend many hours each week editing sound.

My intention for exhibiting these images is to share with others moments of my personal creative life and idiosyncratic mind; to share a portrait of a living artist in our times.

Jesse Paul Miller

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