100 Paces
February, 2007


Taylor also developed the soldiers' vocalizations by quoting site-specific textual elements and pop culture sources. During 100 Paces soldiers speak both in Gaelic and English, shout numbers from site-specific pace measurement markers (located in Clarke Square), and briefly recite lyrics from the 90's hip-hop group, House of Pain. 100 Paces will be included in the permanent collection of the National Museum of Ireland and the John Erickson Museum of Art. In addition, it will be used for training new recruits in the Irish Defense Forces.

Sean Taylor is an internationally exhibiting multimedia and public artist based in Limerick, Ireland. His work is in numerous collections public and private. Taylor is a Lecturer, in the Sculpture & Combined Media Department, Limerick School of Art and Design, Limerick.

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

100 Paces, National Museum of Ireland at Collins Barracks, Dublin, 2007.
C.A.P. House, Kobe, Japan, 2005.
A Year With Road Kill, Kulturhaus Peter Edel, Berlin, Germany, 2001.

Selected Group exhibitions:

Cead in China Exhibition, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing, China, 2007.
Sense in Place‚ Site-ations International, Europe 2005-06 Reykjavik, Iceland, 2006.
TXTULTR, Interactive Public Art Commission for RTE lyric FM, Limerick, Ireland, 2004/2005



Since 1995 my work has explored concepts of annual and natural cycles in nature and time. The core research behind my work is always time based with a strong connection to site and audience. It also involves a disciplined approach to the methodology of collecting data or object gathering related to the particular project that I am working on.

I am interested in exploring ‘the cracks’ between various media such as sculpture, performance art, expanded theatre, sound art, music and dance. My current art practice has been shaped by considerable experiences of working as a community artist, undertaking numerous temporary site-specific public art projects, and embracing artistic collaboration where appropriate.

An important development in my recent practice has been the exploration of art and science collaborations. This approach to my work is also realised through collaborations with STEM Performance Art Group, and with Mikael Frenstrom on the Bliain le Baisteach and Coisir an Tsionann and TXTULTR projects) This way of working has afforded me the opportunity to explore amoung other things the application of new media, sound and technologies in my work.

Sean Taylor, Limerick 2007

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